Skyview Dairy Farm is a family owned and operated dairy that has been in continuous operation since 1968. The dairy was first started by Daryl Luthens in June of 1968 with 7 cows. At that time, the cows were milked in a flat parlour. In 1975, Daryl replaced the flat parlour with a Surge double five and in 1989 the Surge parlour was replaced with a Westafalia double nine Herringbone which is equipped with automatic detachers, electric crowd gate, and indexing stalls. Skyview dairy created a new milking facility in 2004 with a new double 40 parrell Westfalia parlour and added a 360 stall barn bringing the milking herd to 1150 cows. The farm is currently managed by the Luthens Family, Daryl and his four sons; Shane, Brandon, Justin and Garrett.

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